We at DW Perrotta Construction Group LLC work with you to deliver a successful project. We use our experience and expertise to bring the services you need, from concept to completion, into one seamless process. We can provide all or some of the construction services you need, using the delivery method you choose. This page describes the services we can provide and the delivery methods available to you.


Pre-construction mostly occurs before a construction contract has been finalized. We can help you to set, review, or validate budgetary, project scope, and scheduling goals. We offer many services as part of the pre-construction process:
› Estimating: conceptual and progress budgets; detailed cost breakdowns
› Planning and scheduling
› Constructability review / logistics analysis
› MEP review
› Value engineering
› Risk management
› Cost effectiveness
› Quality control


From start to finish, we involve ourselves in all aspects of the project construction. We coordinate all site activities. We protect our client's interest with respect to quality and cost control, and we ensure that scheduling guidelines are met as agreed. Depending on the delivery method, we offer services, consultation, and guidance, on items such as the following:
› Progress monitoring / ongoing assessment of work-in-progress
› Change order management and avoidance
› Labor relations
› Self-performance of work
› Ongoing quality control
› Safety programs


A project isn't complete just because the construction phase is done. We help ensure a successful hand-off and the ongoing success of your project, including the following services:
› Commissioning
› Lien releases
› O&M manuals and warranty information

Owner Representation

Time constraints or overall project complexity can often require a client to secure a knowledgeable representative to act in his or her best interest. We provide representation expertise as follows:
› Procurement
› Permitting
› Pre-construction analysis and consulting
› Bid evaluation
› Construction administration
› FFE coordination
› Supervision of commissioning and work acceptance


Competitive Bid

Competitive bid is the most common method of delivery. It is a linear process, in which one task follows completion of another with no overlap. The client selects the design team separately, and the design team reports to the client. The architects and engineers complete plans and specifications; other contractors bid the project (based on the plans and specifications) exactly as designed. Typically the lowest responsive bidder is awarded the work.


Using a design-build delivery method provides a single responsibility and the potential for faster completion than the other methods. The construction team and design team are governed by a single contract, which allows for integrated design and planning and an accelerated schedule. We foster the open communication and teamwork necessary for a successful design-build.

Construction Management (At Risk)

In the delivery method called construction manager-at-risk, the construction manager acts as the client's advocate and uses management skills and expertise to deliver the project according to an agreed-upon schedule and budget. The Client and the Client/Owner's design team share responsibility for project success. We emphasize the importance of collaboration and we approach this delivery method as partners to the main project parties.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is a highly collaborative approach in which we assemble a team consisting of the client owner, the construction manager, and the design team at the very earliest project stages. We use modern technology and methodologies to dramatically reduce risk and project duration while gaining cost efficiencies.

Construction Management (Agency)

In this delivery method, the construction manager's role is to protect the client, reduce costs, maintain the schedule, and provide quality control. We use a partnering approach to help the client select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records as the design and construction teams. We work with the client at project inception to quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges.

We appreciate your interest in our business. If you are a subcontractor interested in working with us we would like to hear from you. You can e-mail us at david@dwperrotta.com or use the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.